Storage advice tool

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Storage advice tool

What is the optimal storage regime for the world's most common apple and pear varieties, like Gala and Golden Delicious apples and Conference pears? The Storage Advice Tool provides growers and storage operators very detailed advice so that they can keep the quality of their products as high as possible.

The recommendations are developed by our team of storage experts. They are based on the most recent insights (R&D and extensive field experience) and provided on an independent basis. Our team strives for less food losses, higher profit in the fresh supply chain, and higher consumption of healthy fresh products.

When you subscribe to the storage advice tool, you will receive not only the app for use on your phone or tablet, but also one hour of online consultancy on your storage situation. 

The tool covers the harvest, cool-down and storage phase, and is adapted to specific growing regions. Each variety requires its own specific conditions in terms of temperature, O2, CO2, and moisture loss. This application provides advice for different levels of maturity at harvest, and covers both the cool-down phase and the storage phase. The user can also indicate which type of storage technology is available (e.g. Controlled Atmosphere) and whether an application with the ripening inhibitor 1-MCP would be desired. For every option an immediate personalized and very detailed advice will show up, which can also be stored for later use.