How are the antibodies generated?

The antibodies are polyclonal antibodies produced in rabbit, goat or sheep.


What kind of extraction buffer do you recommend for sample preparation?

  We advise to use the extraction buffer which is best suited for your sample material. EPPO guideline PM 7/98 can be a guideline in this. The Standard Extraction Buffer (SEB) described in our protocol is a generic buffer suited for many materials but can be replaced if needed.


Do the ELISA reagents also work with other buffers?

The coating-buffer cannot be replaced; please follow the protocol attached to the ELISA. The extraction buffer can be replaced by other extraction buffers; please follow the instructions of the manufacturer if applicable. The conjugate buffer can be replaced for additional blocking; please contact us for detailed information.


What is a LoA (Letter of Authority) and why do I need one?

  A LoA is a Letter of Authority which needs to be granted by your local phytopathological entity, the LoA proves that you have permission to handle quarantine material. In the Details section of the products that need a LoA this is indicated. If you have a LoA, you can upload it during check out. Prime Diagnostics is, by law not allowed to ship any quarantine material without this written and stamped approval of your local inspection service. After receipt of the LoA we have to send it to the Dutch phytopathological entity (nVWA) for approval of the shipment. Please take note that nVWA procedure in itself can take up several weeks.


How specific are the negative controls?

  The negative controls consist of a plant extract originating from tobacco. To evaluate the true selectivity of the assay we recommend to use an in-house negative control which has been produced from healthy plant material which is the same as the plant material your samples originate from. E.g. if you want to test Tasty Tom tomato seeds, please use an extract of healthy Tasty Tom tomato seeds as a negative control.


What is included in an IIF assay?

  An Indirect Immuno Fluorescence assay can be performed with our specific IgG. The positive and/or negative control can be ordered together with the IgG. We do not provide the fluorescent conjugate goat-anti-rabbit-FITC (GAR-FITC). The GAR-FITC can be obtained by many manufacturers (e.g. Sigma, Abcam, ThermoFisher and so on).


How are the reagents shipped?

  The ELISA, LFD, LAMP, Luminex xMAP and IIF reagents are shipped without additional ice or coldpacks. The reagents have proven to stay stable during elongated travelling times in tropical regions. The TaqMan enzymes and Luminex xTAG are shipped on dry ice.


Can I use my own courier for shipment?

  Due to Wageningen University & Research regulations we are obliged to use DHL as courier. In rare occasions it can be possible to use Fedex. Contact us via primediagnostics@wur.nl if need be. We cannot provide any service for other couriers.


The product I am looking for is out of stock, what to do?

  Please contact us via primediagnostics@wur.nl. 


I cannot find what I am looking for, what to do?

  Please contact us via primediagnostics@wur.nl.


I have a complaint, where can I file this?

   We aim to solve any complaint in the best way possible. Please contact us via primediagnostics@wur.nl


I placed an order but did not receive a confirmation of this. Did the order reach you?

  If you did not receive any confirmation receipt than possibly something has gone wrong. Please contact us via primediagnostics@wur.nl.