Pseudomonas cichoriic positive control

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Pseudomonas cichoriic positive control (1.0 mL) for 50 tests.

Pseudomonas cichoriic alternative names:

Phytomonas cichorii, Pseudomonas endiviae, Pseudomonas papaveris

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José van Beckhoven

Manager Prime Diagnostics
Wageningen Plant Research

ELISA components are supplied for 1000 or 5000 test units.

ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is a commonly used assay using antibodies directed against specific plant pathogens. The concentration of plant pathogens in the tissues of plants varies considerably, thus, conscious sample collection is very important. 

More Information
Acronym Pc
Pathogen family Pseudomonadaceae
Genus Pseudomonas
H/S-code 30021010
Number of assays/quantity 50
Pathogen Pseudomonas cichorii
Product type Control
Quantity 1.0
All Scientific Names Phytomonas cichorii, Pseudomonas endiviae, Pseudomonas papaveris
Type Bacteria
Units mL