Nematology books

Identification key: De Nematoden van Nederland

In 1988 the first edition of “De Nematoden van Nederland” has been published. In 1994, after the first edition was sold out, an unchanged second edition appeared. This edition is also sold out. A paperback version is now available by POD (Printing On Demand).

This richly illustrated key, focusing on the identification of the Dutch terrestrial and fresh-water nematodes, is used worldwide. The hardcover version is sold out, but a paperback version can be ordered at KNNV-Uitgeverij (POD).

Bongers, Tom (1994). De Nematoden van Nederland. KNNV-bibliotheekuitgave 46. Pirola, Schoorl. 408 p.

A paperback copy (POD) can be ordered by filling in the order form on the website of KNNV-Uitgeverij. It is only available in Dutch. The price is 39,95 euro.

Manual: Methods and Techniques for nematology

For the different basic courses given in the Nematology Department a Manual is written under the title: METHODS AND TECHNIQUES FOR NEMATOLOGY.

Methods used in the courses are described as a full guidance for the techniques. The described methods deal with a.o.: Soil sampling methods, extraction techniques for free living nematodes and cyst nematodes with different methods including flotation methods, nematode processing, etc.

The Manual is

  • on A4 size
  • 112 pages
  • illustrated with drawings and photographs

It is available in English (Nematology: Methods and Techniques) and Dutch (Nematologie: Methoden en technieken)